Constants & Runaways

Constants & Runaways

I'm Hanna and I have thoughts,
and I like pictures,
and I like music.
So this is my tumblr.

Love is a Fight you don’t Choose

Love is a fight you don’t choose 

suddenly you are being hit from all sides 

Nothing numbs the pain,

     not sleep

     no amount of alcohol or drugs 

there is no escaping the worry, the hell, and the pain.

Love is a fight you don’t choose,

     suddenly you are the master of decisions you never wanted,

     and being forced to think in ways your brain and heart feel stretched to.

Try and avoid it, like holding your breath. 

Let’s blow our world to pieces fighting for peace…

John Adams

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.
Being a women and trying to be social with other women is so weird. Men don’t just hate people before they meet them, there are literally women in my area code who do not like me, yet I don’t know there names and have never had a conversation with them. Its the strangest thing. I’m into logic not your weird, bitchy, nonsensical bullshit.
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